What Is An NPA?

Speech, Language and Educational Associates  is a private practice, established in 1983, by Helen Sherman-Wade, to provide top quality, state of the art assessment and intervention, to infants, children and adults, in the areas of: Child Development, Speech and Language, Education, Occupational Therapy and Behavior Services.

Our clients’ services are funded by private pay, insurance companies, Regional Centers, Head Start, private and public schools, etc.

The State of California requires that all agencies, private and public, wishing to work in the public school arena, receive approval or certification for the programs they provide.  In the case of Speech, Language and Educational Associates, we apply for certification, annually, with the California State Department of Education.  Through the process of certification, the State reviews our programs, the licenses and qualifications of our staff.  Our facilities are checked for safety.  We must carry all insurances for our employees, and our offices.  We must comply with all California employment regulations.  It is an honor to be approved by the State Department of Education as a certified Non-Public Agency (NPA).

Should you want further information about Speech, Language and Educational Associates and the services we provide, do not hesitate to contact our Executive Director, Helen Sherman-Wade at 818 788-1003 or through our website http://www.speechassociates.com


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