Welcome To Our Chief Operating Officer!

Shellie Smaller

Shellie Bader, M.A., CCC-SLP

Chief Operating Officer


Helen Sherman-Wade is pleased to announce the addition of Shellie Bader to the staff of SLEA as the Chief Operating Officer (COO). With Helen’s first grandchild on the way and the growth of SLEA, the time has come to create a position to oversee daily administrative and clinical activities. Shellie has worked in the public sector as head of the Speech and Language Program at LAUSD.

In the private sector, she oversaw the implementation of related services treatment and programs for early intervention and school-aged children across the country. Her leadership ability, dedication to team building, and communication skills make her the ideal choice to work closely with Helen and to help steer SLEA into the future.

Ms. Bader holds two Master’s degrees, one in Communicative Disorders and the second in Educational Administration.  She earned California credentials in Multiple Subjects, Clinical Rehabilitation and Educational Administration.  She received the award for Outstanding Achievement in 2006 from CSHA (California Speech Language and Hearing Association.)

Her past experience includes joining the Progressus executive team in January 2011.  Overseeing the implementation of Progressus Strategic Partnership programs in school districts across the country, students and schools have achieved academically and functionally with integrated services, successful collaboration with parents and teachers as well as the appropriate identification and completion of service.

Ms. Bader came to Progressus following a successful term as the Coordinator of the Speech and Language Program for Los Angeles Unified School District.  As the Coordinator, Shellie overhauled the program by improving morale, recruitment and retention, compliance and quality of therapy for over 24,000 students eligible for speech and language services.  She managed a department that was initially severely understaffed, eventually increasing the number of SLP providers from 256 to over 400.  She was responsible for the professional development, training, recruitment and supervision of Speech Language Pathologists in the 2nd largest school district in the United States.

Shellie developed improved policies and practices for eligibility, service completion and bilingual assessment and created the necessary training for her team of SLPs and with the Division of Special Education Leadership Team.  She was instrumental in the implementation of Response to Intervention support and innovative service delivery models at over 800 school sites focusing on the unique communication needs of special education students.


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