New Year’s Greetings

Dear Staff,

In the hectic pace of the New Year, I did not get around to wishing each and every one of you a very healthy, and happy New Year!  I want to thank the many of you who graced me with your lovely notes, fattening gifts, and lovely objects.  I feel very lucky to have such nice people working with our company.  Thank you!

2013 is here and we are all here at the office trying to maintain all the wonderful programs we currently have in place, and always on the lookout for new programs and opportunities for all of you.  We are currently busy with office clients, who appear to be coming from many different sources and I am so very proud of all the fine therapy going on in the office.  We are providing Child Development, Speech and Language, Educational and Behavioral therapies of all different approaches, truly integrating different research approaches.  Anthony Jenkins has been busy visiting some of our SLPs and Child Development Specialists who are having difficulties managing client behavior.  He and I are presenting at CalABA at the end of February.  I am presenting at CSHA in March.  My presentation focuses on integration of all developmental areas into a speech and language report.

Our Continuing Education lecture series is in full swing and I hope you come to at least one of our trainings.  Please remember that as a Continuing Education facility, we are able to formulate an Independent Study CEU, suited to an area of interest of yours.  An independent study is an excellent way for you to obtain CEUs while researching an area which you want to know more about.

Our Head Start program is in full swing, as well as our work in various schools, private and public.  This year we have added an adult facility to our services.  We have made a very serious effort to join insurance panels and are increasing our ability to bill and be reimbursed through insurance companies.

I am very proud of what we are able to offer our staff in terms of medical insurance, 401K, vacation and holiday pay.  As a company owner, my staff and I have worked hard to make sure your salaries are commensurate and competitive and that you have the option of not working full-time at a school, and yet receiving vacation, and insurance reimbursement and recognition for what you do.

Finally, I hope to become a grandmother at the end of January and plan to spend more time in Oakland, California, where my daughter Erin and son-in-law Uri live.  I am not leaving SLEA, but do plan to be away more often.  I feel that an Operating Officer needs to be part of the practice to maintain a smooth flow of the practice.  In that spirit, I have hired Shellie Bader who comes to us with a wealth of administrative experience.  She will be in our Encino and Culver City offices on a full-time basis and is presently learning the complicated web we call Speech, Language and Educational Associates.  I want to welcome her and hope that you stop by the office and introduce yourself to her.

I want to thank all of you, the administrative, clinical and technical staff for making SLEA a success story.  Thank you for our association and wishing you the very best in this coming year.



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