Helen Sherman-Wade, Executive Director and Shellie Bader, Chief Operating Officer will be presenting at the CSHA Convention (March 7-10, 2013 at the Long Beach Hyatt Regency). For more information on the convention and registration please refer to the CSHA site.

Helen Sherman-Wade, MA will be presenting MS6 on March 7, Thu 8:30-9:30.

Speech and Language Assessment of the Infant/Toddler/Preschooler: Linking Developmental, cognitive and Behavioral

Speech and language assessment of an infant/ toddler/preschooler requires the speech-language pathologist to have a good understanding of child development, early cognitive development and the role functional behavior in the development of speech and language skills. Speech, Language and Educational Associates has been in practice since 1983. Its staff is multi-disciplinary and its speech and language assessments focus on integration/observation of communication skills within other developing skills. Speech and language reports include developmental, cognitive and behavioral information which highlight some of the underlying causes of the communication delays. This mini-seminar will focus on (1) review of basic tenets of child development milestones and their relationship to speech and language development (2) review of basic tenets of early cognitive development and their relationship to speech and language developments (3) the role of functional behavior development in the acquisition of communication skills (4) integration of these skills into a speech and language evaluation. Attendees will learn to observe and document videos of assessments. Observation checklists based on the videos will be reviewed with the attendees. Report writing format, which include goal writing based on testing observation will be reviewed with the attendees.

Shellie Bader, MA will be presenting SC27 on March 9, Sat 8:30-11:30.

No Bilingual SLP? How Can I Complete A Child Assessment?

This presentation will prepare monolingual SLPs to develop and implement a valid comprehensive assessment for bilingual children, effectively using an interpreter when a bilingual assessor is not available. Following a discussion of IDEA requirements, how the characteristics of Second Language Acquisition may impact the testing sessions and results as well as a child’s ability to participate in the classroom, we will review components of the bilingual assessment process and the utilization of the BID Process (Briefing Interaction, and Debriefing when using an interpreter. Case studies will be examined to give participants an opportunity to discuss with their peers which formal and informal assessment measures shall be selected to use when assessing a student and using an interpreter.




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