Welcome To Christy House!

Christy HouseWith her father serving in the Air Force, Christy was born in Japan on a military base and spent most of her childhood moving every two and half years while travelling throughout the United States and Europe.  She has lived in Japan, Germany and Italy.

After graduating from high school in Hawaii, she immediately moved to Los Angeles in 1986 and has been working full-time ever since. Christy has 15 plus years in the staffing and recruiting industry placing mid-level and C level Executives in a variety of industries on a national level.

Her most recent experience prior to SLEA, is Director of Human Resources for Behavioral Company specializing in ABA Therapy.  She oversaw the full scope of human resources.  Christy directed staff in the areas of: organizational structure, employment, compensation, employee database maintenance, payroll, benefits administration, employee relations, orientation/training/development, and policy/procedure development and was responsible for the development and monitoring of the human resources division budget. She served on the executive management team and advised company managers about Human Resource issues.

SLEA is delighted to have Christy House as our Human Resources Manager.


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