Professional Opinion Corner

Staff, other professionals, parents, educators, physicians are always asking me what I think of specific new and popular programs. They point out that many parents/physicians are seeking individuals with specific program training, and that maybe we should also be doing likewise. My response is always that it depends on the professional administering the program and not on the program itself.

I have been in practice since 1976 and have seen a multitude of programs come and go. Each comes to us with a promise and a hope of saving a certain student or client. I have rarely met a student who was “cured” by a program. I do not believe that any program in the market can completely eradicate a communication or a learning problem. It can help but it cannot cure.

What is needed is a professional who is knowledgeable about disabilities, their causes, and treatment options. We need to expose ourselves to all new programs and see how they can be used to benefit our specific client. We are too well trained to place a client on a specific program and hope that that one program will take care of all the underlying issues.

I have learned to pick and choose aspects of different programs that together with my professional expertise will maximize the client’s growth and improvement.

At SLEA we will always try to expose staff to new methods, programs and materials. However, the bottom line for our staff is their professional training and their caring character.

Helen Sherman-Wade, MA CCC-SLP
Executive Director
Speech, Language & Educational Associates
818-788-1003 Ext. 18


One thought on “Professional Opinion Corner

  1. I think that the most important thing is to choose a program that is scientifically proven effective, and relies on extensive and constant measurement to make decisions regarding continuing the program or the need to make changes. That’s why I’m a fervent proponent of ABA.

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