Greetings From Helen

Summer, sadly, is coming to an end. Our office staff has been feverishly working to make sure all of you have been or are being placed in the type of position you have requested.

Labor Day and the Jewish Year are coming up and both are an opportunity to reflect on our lives, our desires, our hopes and dreams. At this time of the year I think about what I wish I had done, what I am proud I have done, and what I hope to accomplish in the coming year. Reflection, on a personal level, is difficult for me to suggest to you. Professionally, however, there are topics for reflection and I’d like to suggest a few. I like to reflect on what it is I truly enjoy about my job. I think about how much time I actually spend talking to clients. Do they trust me? Do I provide a safe harbor for them. Are my goals and objectives meeting their needs. Do the families of my clients trust me and feel that I’m making a difference in the client’s life. Am I helping the family by providing family centered services? I reflect on the areas that I need more training in order to do a better job. I hope to be kinder to others and listen more carefully.

On that note, I want to wish you all a very healthy and successful work year and please know that I am here, should you need an ear or just want to talk! Thanks for our association!

Best Wishes


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