Greetings From Helen

Time is flying…..We’ve been very busy in the office with all the different programs, staff placements, new staff, old staff, administration…still fun but very busy!  All is going well and we are actually starting to plan for winter break.  I have updated our assessment manual and it will be available in our Encino and Culver City offices.  We are doing so many different types of assessments for so many different organizations that a folder with report samples is enormous.  Those of you who are attending the CEU event, will get templates.  I hope I see most of our SLP staff.  We are very spread out, but as a company, we need to speak in one professional voice.  We’ve ordered therapy materials, tests, games and they are here for your use.  Shellie has done a great job getting everything ordered and organized.  Olga is working very hard to make sure everyone has the assignments they desire.  All in all…things are good!   Please call, email or visit if you have any question and need.  We want you happy with us!

Wishing you all the best!



Listen to Your Buds

Resources and information from the ASHA Site

Listen To Your Buds is a public education campaign that is aimed at preventing noise-induced hearing loss by helping parents teach their children how to use personal audio technology safely. Learn more.

Polls and Surveys
84% of all parents polled say they are concerned that misuse of personal audio technology is damaging the hearing of children, according to results of an online poll [PDF] commissioned by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA).

Listen to Your Buds Concert Series
Check out photos and videos from our Listen to Your Buds “safe listening” concerts held in schools across the country. Could your school be next?

The Buds burst on the scene in Manhattan with two concerts at P.S. 003 Charrette School.

Preventing noise-induced hearing loss by teaching kids to use personal audio technology safely should be a year-round effort. See and share our infographics showing how seasons can heighten safe listening habits, too.

ASHA works with other national organizations to help get the “Buds” safe listening message to parents, educators and children.

Additional Resources