Greetings From Helen

Spring is here and we are cleaning, organizing and planning for the rest of the spring and for summer. I hope this newsletter finds all of you happy with both your personal and professional lives. If there’s anything I can do to improve your professional life, please let me know. I recently read a newsletter title, “Conversation Matters.” Not only are conversations helpful and satisfying, they can help us to improve both our professional and personal lives. We talk about a meaningful, natural environment for play, but a meaningful, natural conversation is also a critical element in our lives. Listening is the undivided attention we pay to one another. We need to listen to our family members, staff, and the clients we serve. We need to pay close attention and figure out what others are saying and acknowledge their thoughts and feelings. I always remind myself, “Helen, you know what you want to say, now listen, and you will hear what others want to tell you.” Listening is not a simple task and I find that I need to constantly monitor myself and be a better listener.

This year we have added new staff of teachers, behaviorists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, and speech pathology assistants. We are slowly going to try to introduce you to our new staff members (some are at this point not so new, but I would like to introduce them to you.) We will be contacting all of you for a one on one end of the year meeting in May. So if you don’t hear from us before June 1st. Please call Karen. I want to wish each and every one of you the very best, and please remember to come in and see me or call with any question, problem, or simply to talk. I am ready to listen.

Happy holidays to all!



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