Greetings From Helen

Dear SLEA Staff,

It’s the end of the academic year and it feels like each work day is starting early in the morning and ending late into the evening. I have been attending meetings, alone, with Olga, with Shellie on renewals for next year, for different agencies, schools and with our speech, educational and OT staff. I know that Anthony plans to meet with the Behavioral staff this month, as well.

I would like to share with you my impressions and the direction it’s taking me. We have terrific, experienced staff, full of intelligence, personality and caring qualities. Our Head Start Program continues to be exemplary. I look forward to seeing the Head Start staff at Café Marmalade in Sherman Oaks for our end of the year breakfast. We have provided quality services to our Charter Schools and to our Public Schools. Our in-office services continue to grow, due to our great therapists, scheduling department, billing department, and support administrative staff. We are finding that providing services to children and adults require huge monetary expenditures to implement and we are constantly looking at ways to make it more profitable for our practice. We are finding that running a speech and language program barely supports a practice, despite outstanding professional and support staff. I want to thank my entire staff for all your efforts. Despite my deep concerns, I understand that we are doing better than most private practices.

We are still pursuing non-profit status so we can fund research and writing projects, as well as fundraise for more monies for therapy. We find that insurance reimbursement is dismal, our rates with ALL of our contracts have not increased in years and we are trying to do more with less funds. It is a challenge, but so far with Olga and Shellie’s assistance, it’s been fun! Stay tuned!

Review of our staff by outside agencies has for the most part been great. The issues that we have encountered appear to be fixable. They include inadequate application of Welligent, absenteeism by our staff, and lack of understanding of consultant position at the contracted site. No one has questioned the quality of our work and I want to thank you for that.

This year our OT program has grown. We have fabulous staff and my deep thanks for a great year! The same holds true for our Child Development providers. I continue to be impressed by their accomplishments. Our Educational Therapists are solid and we deeply appreciate all they do!

Our SLPAs are fabulous! They are the backbone of therapy services, allowing us to assess in so many areas. I am impressed by SLEA’s SLP assessors, as they are conducting a multiplicity of different assessment and sometimes under very trying conditions. The reports are wonderful!

More and more we are getting wonderful testimonials about the work we do from families and from administrators. We are trying to post as many as we can on our website. Our Behaviorists are getting awards, recognition for the very difficult challenges they face, daily, at work. I want to thank our Behaviorists for putting us on the map for a wonderful program.

We opened a new office in East Hollywood. Hired at least 7-10 new CFYs and experienced SLPs. Thank you to Christine Cuenco for her fine work at our Culver City office and to Sarah Strasser for her fine leadership. Thank you to Christy House for her laugh, and her ability to get you paid on time. Thank you to Al for all his hard work with audits, payroll, and generally reminding me of our financial status.

This year we have conducted 4 Continuing Education Presentation. We co-sponsored a conference with the International Dyslexia Association. Our staff attended PROMPT, Hanen, Greenspan, Social Thinking, TeaCH and Executive Functioning trainings. Anthony has taken many of our staff through the BCBA program. Our BCBA staff is growing. I can go on and on but I need to get this newsletter to Susan for printing.

Thank you to Shellie, to Olga, to my entire administrative staff for all you do! Could not do what we do without Olga and Shellie. Have a great summer and see you on August 19, 2014 at Pickwick for the beginning of the year staff meeting! Helen


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