Greetings From Helen

It was wonderful seeing staff at the opening meeting at Pickwick. We have a wonderful staff and I am very grateful to each and every one of you for all you do. A company is only as good as the staff they are able to hire and to keep gainfully and happily employed. We have worked very hard in our efforts to employ, train and support quality staff and I want to thank all of you for our association. I hope you like your position with us. We/I want to know.

Please remember that my office, email, and telephone are always available to you and for you. I am always saddened when I am not given an opportunity to know if an employee is dissatisfied or if an employee thinks there is a better way of providing services, documenting for services, modifying procedures so that they are more efficient and in general providing a quality and supportive working environment. In my way of looking at building and maintaining our company, staff quality is a top requirement.

Despite the economy and low reimbursement rates for many of our services, we have tried our best to stay competitive. We encourage you to further your professional skills. SLEA frequently provides continuing education and training to our staff so that we are all up to date in our knowledge and skills. We pay for many of you to attend trainings and certificate programs so that your new skills can help us to provide new services to our clients and patients. Staff training is an ongoing mission for us. We make every effort to support staff with mentors, supervisors and trainers.

Our administrative staff is outstanding and is in our offices to support you on a daily basis. Should you need more work, have any questions about documentation, billing, please don’t hesitate to call or come in.

We are very busy and have planned for the new work year. As always we are actively recruiting Speech-Language-Pathologists, SLPAs, Occupational Therapists, and Behaviorists. We offer a referral fee should you send a new candidate our way.

I want to wish each and every one of you a good year, and as always my best wishes and hopes of seeing and talking to you in the office.



CEU Schedule 2014-2015

SLEA has a new year of great classes to offer! We are one of 530 providers across the nation who ASHA certifies for high-caliber professional learning experiences.

Sept. 16 2014

Develop Your Leadership and Mentoring Skills for Effective Supervision

Shellie Bader, M.A., CCC-SLP

This presentation develops the expertise of experienced professionals to successfully fulfill the rewarding commitment of mentoring students, new clinicians and assistants.  Vital to mentoring success is the consideration of each individual’s background, knowledge, personality and needs.  Examining participants’ leadership and interaction skills will offer insights and new perspectives that will lead  to the development of confident effective supervisors.

Oct. 21 2014

Memory and Cognition

Helen Sherman-Wade, M.A., CCC-SLP
Jan. 27 2015
Developing Social Skills

Sarah Strasser, M.S., CCC-SLP and Shellie Bader, M.A., CCC-SLP

April 21 2015

Oral Motor Techniques for Speech Clarity

Sarah Strasser, M.S., CCC-SLP and Yasmin Luque, M.S., CCC-SLP

Future Course Descriptions TBA