Thanksgiving Greetings From Helen

I am most thankful for my wonderful staff.  We’ve had a challenging and productive year.  Our programs, for the most part, are growing and thriving.  Some could use a boost, but we’re working on it.  None of this would be possible without our administrative and our professional staff.  Thank you!!!!

As this is going to press, I’ve been thinking about our accountability.  I think it’s important to be personally and professionally accountable for what we do.  I personally enjoy looking at the ocean and its waves and I like to meditate on its beauty.  I take the time to do this because I believe it makes me a kinder, more understanding person.  I think about the decisions I make and its impact on family, friends and peers.  I try to be accountable for my actions and decisions.

We are in a business where accountability is a major factor in documentation and in payments.  Although many of our contracts do not pay the rates, which I believe our professionals deserve.  I do think that we are given hours, weeks, months and even years to accomplish the goals.  I think it’s important that we take stock of our clients, and ask ourselves, “Am I pursuing the goals set forth for the client, and what progress has the client made this month?”  In taking stock of progress made or lack thereof, we should consider whether our course of treatment is the best for the client?  Are families and educators involved in meeting the client’s goals?  Does everyone in the client’s life know what we’re striving to do.  Have they been able to assist us in meeting goals and objectives.  Have I made enough of a difference in the client’s life?

I hope you know that we are here for you, should you need support both professionally and personally to meet the challenges of our professions.

I look forward to seeing all of you in December.  Hope you get to spend the holiday with the people you love.  I am thankful for our association.

Best Wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving!



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