Happy February Birthdays!

Best Wishes To Everyone!

4 Sarah Yoo

7 Tiffany Mui

8 Danica Romero

9 John Soliman
Leeza Yeghikian

10 Anabel Manzo-Vedolla

11 Sarelle Green
Deborah Tibor

12 Ismara Roman

14 Al Wade

18 Azebria Gipson

19 Marine Paronyan

21 Amber Redick

22 Dalya Meisels

24 Karine Abrahamyan
Patricia Arrieta

28 Mary Erzeroumian

We are delighted to make a donation to Autism Speaks for each SLEA employee birthday.


Chirsty’s Corner – What is HIPAA???

HIPAA is the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. The primary goal of the law is to make it easier for people to keep health insurance, protect the confidentiality and security of healthcare information and help the healthcare industry control administrative costs.

Basic rules we all should be following:

If you are using electronic equipment for work such as a cell phone, lap top and or PC, please make sure to have passcodes on all devices.

  • When travelling with your laptop, best place to leave electronic equipment in your car is your trunk.
  • When storing client phone numbers in your cell phone, use abbreviations (first name and list initial) – do not use entire name.
  • Do not discuss client details with anyone other than your supervisor and do so in a private room.
  • Never give client names to friends and or family.
  • Always debrief with parent (when in the office) in a private room and not in the reception/waiting room or while you are walking down the hall.

Greetings From Helen

January has come and gone…We are about to enter February and I’m hoping all of us have loved ones to celebrate.

I am pleased to report that more and more I’m seeing staff applying their professional skills to clients while connecting with other disciplines in our offices. This connection frequently includes understanding the client’s needs and therapeutic approaches as it relates to the client’s growth in all areas.

Our Speech-Language Pathologists are learning that without a client’s ability to attend and focus, growth in the language areas will be limited. The Behaviorists are learning that once their client is attending and focusing, there is a progression of learning that must be respected in order for the client to make communication changes. Our Occupational Therapists are giving us strategies to help our clients self-regulate, and remain centered during therapy with us. Our Child Development Specialists are teaching us how to promote play and cooperation as well as cognitive growth. Finally, our Educational Therapist carefully design an academic program for our clients that culminates in the teaching of reading and writing, given better understanding and speaking abilities that were achieved through cognitive, social, adaptive and behavioral intervention.

It is a pleasure working with all of you and please remember that my door is always open.

I look forward to seeing any or all of you!


Welcome to Jose Davila!

Jose DavilaLearn about our new Behavior Supervisor Jose Davila who was born and raised in Los Angeles.

Where did you train or go to school?

I  completed my doctorate at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. I just need to complete the copy editing process, but I am pretty much done. I completed my dissertation under the supervision of Dr. Fernando Guerrero. The topic of my dissertation was Component Analysis of Staff Training Procedures to Conduct Trial-Based Functional Analysis. I have also worked and trained under the supervision of Dr. David Pyles. I have also been fortunate to gain experience from other clinicians, including Anthony Jenkins.
Why did you go into your field?

I like to help people. It is extremely reinforcing seeing progress through data! ABA provided an excellent opportunity to make a difference.

Any favorite leisure activities?

My leisure activities consist of watching Los Angeles Clipper games (huge fan), playing with my six year old son, and watching movies. For reading purposes, I enjoy reading Skinner books, and other text that relate to behavior analysis.