Welcome to Jose Davila!

Jose DavilaLearn about our new Behavior Supervisor Jose Davila who was born and raised in Los Angeles.

Where did you train or go to school?

I  completed my doctorate at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. I just need to complete the copy editing process, but I am pretty much done. I completed my dissertation under the supervision of Dr. Fernando Guerrero. The topic of my dissertation was Component Analysis of Staff Training Procedures to Conduct Trial-Based Functional Analysis. I have also worked and trained under the supervision of Dr. David Pyles. I have also been fortunate to gain experience from other clinicians, including Anthony Jenkins.
Why did you go into your field?

I like to help people. It is extremely reinforcing seeing progress through data! ABA provided an excellent opportunity to make a difference.

Any favorite leisure activities?

My leisure activities consist of watching Los Angeles Clipper games (huge fan), playing with my six year old son, and watching movies. For reading purposes, I enjoy reading Skinner books, and other text that relate to behavior analysis.


One thought on “Welcome to Jose Davila!

  1. Hi Dr. Davila! I am a BCBA-D working for the Hawaii Department of Education on Maui. I read your dissertation and would like to get more information on conducting trial-based functional analyses and on training staff to conduct them. If it is possible for you to share information with me, I can be reached at ruth_ballinger@notes.k12.hi.us or at ruthballinger@gmail.com. Thank you for a wonderful research study!

    Ruth Ballinger, Ph.D. BCBA-D

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