Happy May Birthdays!

4  David Gillerman

13 Ana Fragoso

Frank Ammirato

14 Arlyne Girard

Leticia Rivera

16 Anthony Jenkins

18 Veronica Franco

20 Sulangi Ramanayake

25 Ken Curtis

Evan Postal

28 Eduard Simonyan

We are delighted to make a donation to Autism Speaks for each SLEA employee birthday.


Greetings From Helen

As the academic year begins to close, I am thinking about the events of this year and what I hope to accomplish in the next academic year.

Regardless of the future events, I believe that good leadership in an organization is required. Good leadership is tied into what the mission of a practice is all about. From the onset of the practice, I’ve stated that SLEA is about fostering the quality development of understanding, speaking, reading and writing. To that end, over the years we’ve developed programs focused on Child Development, Speech and Language Development, Educational Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Behavioral Intervention.

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t appreciate the monumental task we’ve ALL undertaken. Beginning with marketing and referrals, followed by scheduling, juggling different programs and schedules, dealing with language and disability differences, different ages of clients, dealing with academic vs. medical entities and needs, report writing for different agencies, and so on. Decisions have to be made quickly. We are always adjusting to different criteria.

Our staff is terrific. When I look around me I am so impressed. Some of you may treat a 90 year old dementia client at 8:00 am, an autistic 3 year old at 9:00, a bilingual evaluation at 10, attend a meeting at 1:00…it just goes on and on. I am so grateful to all of you for all your efforts. The scheduling team who is on constant watch for openings, schedule changes, therapist requests. The billing team who must adjust what they know about the different agencies we work with. The front offices, who deal with our staff, parents, children, co-pays. Our insurance billers who need to remember guidelines for all the different companies we work with. It’s incredible.

I want to thank my administration, my professional staff, our contracts for all your support and efforts. We’ve built a great practice. I am very proud of our accomplishments.

Till next month!


Welcome To Our New Team Members!

We are very pleased to announce that we will be welcoming two new administrators to our Encino office staff in early May.

Tina Novshadian will be a Scheduling Coordinator and she will be joining us on May 4th.  Olga will be providing training for her until she is up and running.

Brittany Fox will be an Insurance Billing Specialist and she will be learning from Noelle, to eventually take on many of the insurance billing responsibilities.

We know you will enjoy working with both Tina and Brittany – they both came highly recommended and have experience that seems well-suited to their new positions.

Call and introduce yourself when the time comes.  We look forward to having them on the SLEA team.

Shellie’s Strategies and Support

This is a great article from the Social Thinking Blog on the topic – If Treatment Doesn’t Offer a Cure, Then What’s the Point?

ASHA Leader had some good posts this month.

Early enrollment in therapy and educational programs reduces special education costs

Autism Speaks updates its stance on vaccinations (they finally support that vaccinations don’t cause autism!)

Everything is Unexpected – People with Autism have difficulty predicting the future and that leads to challenges with new experiences

If you have any interesting articles please email sbader@speechassociates.com.