Greetings From Helen

A Warm Hello to Everyone!

June is here and for us many programs close for the summer.  At the office we are planning for the next “school year.”  Our four CEUs for next year are practical and very hands on.  We hope to see many of you in attendance.

I’ve been in practice since 1975 and I often consider all the extra training I’ve received since leaving graduate school.  There have been many new programs over the years, that colleagues and families insisted are the “answer” to all communication and learning problems.  I love learning so I’ve attended many workshops and trainings and my conclusion is that there are cycles and programs appear and disappear and are always presented as the “end all” of programs.  All of the programs I’ve been trained to do have made me a better clinician, but none have cured the issue they addressed.  They’ve helped but not solved the problem.  I believe that if a program was to solve a problem, it was a mild problem to start with.

So where does this opinion leave us?  I think it’s critical to always revert back to what we learned in our basic and advanced courses in school and to make sure we are applying that knowledge to our clients.  Reading research articles and sometimes summaries are sufficient to get us thinking of what the implications are for our clients, talking to our colleagues and getting their opinions, and most important is listening to our clients and caring to make a difference.

Wishing all of you a wonderful summer.  I’m in the office, on and off, most of the summer.  Please stop by and say hello, or call.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

Thank you for our association,



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