Greetings From Helen

Summertime is here. I hope that all of us are taking time off to enjoy being with our families, traveling, reading and thinking about our lives. I hope that SLEA figures positively in your work life and that you are staying with us. Our workload looks good for the summer and for the fall. Our retention of contracts and staff has been terrific.

Some of you are leaving us because of moving plans. We will miss you. We’ve been busy hiring additional staff for the fall, including some new CFYs. We are excited and looking forward to our September 8, 2015 meeting.

I’ve been traveling and reading, spending time with family and friends. I can also be found in the office. I am hoping to get our nonprofit going, I am also planning to apply for grants so that many of us can spend some of our professional time in research and development of special programs. Wherever I travel, I try to visit special programs to see what we can add to our offices, and to our delivery of services in general. I am reminded that we work with some very challenging cases. I am reminded, on a daily basis, of how committed our staff is in meeting some very challenging objectives.

I hope that all of you enjoy your summer and I look forward to talking and to seeing you in the very near future.




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