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Kudos to Tami Delaney

We know our therapists and staff are the best however it’s always nice to get this type of confirmation.

Dear Staff at Culver City Clinic,

When I received my son’s diagnosis from the pediatrician my heart fell. As a mother, I know that everything that happens to my child is not my fault, yet I still felt responsible. I remembered the helplessness I felt after the diagnosis. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know where to go, but I did know that I needed help and, thank God, I got it. It was a blessing when my son received the referral to the Speech, Language and Education Center in Culver City for his therapy. I didn’t know what to expect, but as soon as I entered the facility, I knew it was the right place for my son.

I was immediately impressed with the friendly staff there. I was equally impressed with the fact that you and Tami Delaney were assigned as therapists for my son. You and Tami working with my son have made a world of difference in his behavior. My family and I marveled at how much my son has improved. He no longer goes through his self-injury behavior as often; he no longer kicks and screams when it is time for to go into therapy. He is so much calmer now. This is all because of the wonderful therapy you and Tami have provided him. The patience; the professionalism, you have showed my son is remarkable. I could not have brought him to a better place nor could I have had a better therapy team working with him.

I really hate to see you leave. I will miss you and my son will especially miss you. He has grown so close to you. And although you are leaving and I have every confidence that my son’s great progress will continue under his new therapist, I still hate to see you go.

Meanwhile, let me congratulate you on your new job. I know you will do well because you have a great personality and a great passion for your work. I am forever grateful to have had you for my son’s therapist.


Mrs. K.

Shellie’s Strategies and Support

There are always new and interesting articles about our field.

Find the Message Behind the Behavior” – Here is a great article by a Speech Language Pathologist who shares insights about the link between communication and behavior – and helping children to replace inappropriate behaviors.

“Reinforcing Islands of Competence” – Focus on the strengths of your clients rather than the deficits!  Click on the following link and learn more about how the power of positive will help your clients with autism.