Greetings From Helen

A Warm Hello to All,

Our September get together was terrific.  It was wonderful to see everyone.  I know some of the information is dry, but is legally required.  I want to thank Shellie, Christie, Anthony, Olga and the entire administrative team for making it possible.  Literally, I just had to show up.

Everyone has been assigned to their responsibilities for this year or semester.  We have new staff and we want to welcome everyone.  I also want to thank all our “old timers” for helping new staff out.  It is heartwarming to see how “old” staff welcomes “new” staff with explanations, examples, stories.  Just wonderful!

We are busting at the seams in our Culver City office and are currently looking at options.  It is a process and I hope it won’t take us too long to resolve the issues.

As some of you know, we founded a “Non-Profit” called CELF and our mission is to obtain funds to be able to provide more therapy, family trainings and opportunities for your personal growth in educational research.  If you have any experience in grant writing, do let me know.IMG_1177

We are doing well, all of our programs are up and running.  We can always use more licensed, experienced, SLPs and OTs, as well as BCBAs.  Please think of us if you have the opportunity.

I want to wish all of you a very healthy and happy New Year or school year.  Please know that it is important to me that you find your work IMG_1176rewarding and that my door is always open with any question(s) or issues you may want to discuss.

These are new pictures of my grandkids, Ellie and Isaac!

Best, Helen


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