Greetings From Helen

At Thanksgiving time, we give thanks!

Throughout the year, I try to give thanks, not always with great success. I especially ponder what to be thankful for at this time of the year. So here it goes….Professionally, I am thankful for all of you and for what you contribute to our professional and personal lives. I get great pleasure talking with many of you and finding out about your families and life experiences. We come from so many fascinating places and it is fun to exchange stories. Thank you for all you contribute to SLEA, both personally and professionally.

On a personal note, I am thankful for my wonderful husband, children, spouses and grandchildren. I am thankful for my wonderful friends, who have cajoled, listened and entertained me, as well as kept me out of trouble. I am thankful for the ability to still be able to travel far and wide, to visit family and friends and to have the health to enjoy it all. I am thankful for all the wonderful books, music, plays, podcasts, TV shows, movies, concerts, and museums I’ve had the pleasure of engaging with this year. I am thankful that my sugar levels are stable enough to allow me to eat all the desserts I’ve had the pleasure of eating.

My heart is beating and my spirits are high.

Wishing you all a very happy Thanksgiving and all the best for the holiday season and beyond!



Shellie’s Strategies and Support

It’s Holiday Time!  Try these fun Thanksgiving activities to motivate your clients:

Language activity for lower students:

Turkey Guess Who game:

Arts and crafts:

Articulation worksheet:

Thanksgiving Bingo

Thanksgiving Bingo

These are great articles for all year round:

Help your clients learn to use “Whole Body Listening”.  Kids who have trouble listening can learn to use Whole Body Listening as a tool to follow directions and understand new material in the classroom better!

Don’t let the toys do the talking: The case of electronic and traditional shape sorters


Happy December Birthdays!


Oscar Silva

Ulises Sanchez


Elizabeth Baccus


Rina Barak


Jennifer Peragine


Angelina Lara


Armenhui Kurajyan

Adriana Pena


Eliza Yevrenyan


Kathy Tinker


Natalie Messinger


Louise Altman


Tatevik Harutyunan

Joanna Stoddard


Janessa Barraza


Eugene Robinson


Mary David

Tanya Prettapapop


Mikaela Bekman

We are delighted to make a donation to Doctors Without Borders for each SLEA employee birthday.