Greetings From Helen

Warm Hello to All,

Thanksgiving was wonderful.  We had to separate, as a family to meet all of our family’s desires.  I drove with my youngest to spend Thanksgiving with my oldest and my grandchildren and son in law.  My husband flew to Washington to spend the days with his mother and siblings.  His mom is 102 and still vital and bright and such an inspiration.  My son was with his partner’s family in Connecticut and so it went.  I feel very lucky to have so many loved ones.

The office closed for 4 and ½ days.  I did not even review too many reports during that time.  We are returning to a busy December and then a good holiday.  I hope you can use your time off to contemplate your lives, your values, and come back refreshed with ideas and excitement for the work you do.

Please let me know if there’s anything professionally I/we could be doing to make your work more effective, more supported.  I welcome suggestions and opinions.

This year we will celebrate, as a company after the New Year.  I look forward to seeing all of you there.

Wishing you the very best,



Shellie’s Strategies and Support

Although this article is written from the perspective of SLPs, the message speaks to the mission of all SLEA therapists!  Please read how you can contribute to parent involvement for your clients! Click on the article below.


Use these handouts to show parents and teachers how pretend play helps young children with social communication disorders to interact with peers and adults!

Pretend Play for Educators

Pretend Play for Parents

Here are some great ideas on how to expand on a great children’s book!  Children learn so much more language when we take a favorite book or activity and give them a variety of ways to have fun learning with it!