Greetings From Helen

Happy 2016!

May the New Year bring all of us good health, and happiness. Good wealth can’t hurt either. I am hoping that all of you had a good break in schedules and were able to travel, spend time with family and friends and enjoyed not running around.

I am hopeful to see many of you in 2016. It is my deep hope that each and every one of you is enjoying your work. Please know that I want to know if we are not meeting your needs. As the owner of SLEA, it is important for me to say thank you for all you do for our company. We employ terrific staff. We are what we are because of you.

From my end, I am always looking for ways to make sure that our employees are provided with top health insurance, benefits and vacation/holiday pay. I am very grateful for all you do and it is one way of saying “thank you!”

It is an on-going challenge to improve and increase benefits at a time when contracts, and insurance companies deeply curtail reimbursement rates. I am hoping to be able to obtain funds through our non-profit so that better opportunities can be afforded to our staff. Raising money for higher pay is my top priority. I believe we have the quality in place.

Again, I hope to see many/most of you throughout the year. My door is open, as are the phone lines, and internet.

My best to all of you,



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