Greetings From Helen

Hello to All,

March is upon us and spring break will be here soon.  Our office is very busy, with new referrals, reports, organizational discussions.  I am preparing to complete a class on Autism, which I have been teaching at CCRC to Head Start teachers.  It’s been fun!

I am also preparing for my CSHA presentation on how to encourage SLPs to assist in the speech and language component of a Functional Behavior Assessment.  Yasmin Luque, who is completing her BCBA, and is an SLP (bilingual) will be starting to perform Behavioral Assessments, which will  include SLP input and hopefully goals for implementation.  We are very proud of our staff!!!!

I am preparing a talk for Glendale Unified SLPs on developing reading and writing skills though the development of speech and language. I have also been travelling back and forth to Oakland to visit my grandkids.

The staff at the office are wonderful.  I am very proud of all they accomplish!

Wishing all of you a great month,



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