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Creating Confidence in Handwriting for School and Life!

SLEA OT Handwriting Success Flyer

Teacher and studentDoes your child become anxious before/during writing activities?

Does he seem to take longer to complete assignments involving writing?

Have an awkward grasp on her marker?

Are his words illegible or drawing uncontrolled?

If you are looking to supplement your child’s summer activities, our team of occupational therapists have developed a fun, multi-sensory clinic based on the well-known Handwriting Without Tears (HWT) program and other therapeutic frames of reference.  Our clinic is designed to assist children who have difficulty with pre-writing, handwriting, and other fine motor skills that affect their performance in school and beyond.

Pre-writing Skills

  • Letter identification
  • Hand separation & strengthening
  • Learning to form shapes & letters
  • Learning proper pencil grip
  • Beginning stages of fine motor control

Learning to Write

  • Learn capital & lower case letters using a multi-sensory approach
  • Developing good habits for printing including sizing, formation & placement
  • Eliminating reversals
  • Perfecting pencil grip

Writing Mastery

  • Spacing letters & words
  • Developing fluent, legible writing within sentences and/or paragraphs using print or cursive
  • Improving fine motor endurance

Learning to form letters & connectors using cursive handwriting

Your child will receive an initial handwriting assessment included in our program, followed by intervention specifically tailored to his/her unique needs.

Please call (818) 788-1003 or email hwade@speechassociates.com to reserve your space or with any questions you may have.

This program is intended for Kindergarten-6th grade students and is available as private or group sessions.

Please send this page or the flyer to any family that might be interested.

Shellie’s Strategies and Support

Developmental Checklist in English and Spanish!  This is a family friendly resource that you can print and share with the families of your clients ages 0 – 5 who have goals in child development, behavior, speech, OT or education!

Behaviorists!  Speech Providers!  OTs!  Click on this link for a great series of lessons on social/pragmatics to help your client take perspective by better reading facial cues!

Greetings From Helen

A Warm Hello to All,

Our September get together was terrific.  It was wonderful to see everyone.  I know some of the information is dry, but is legally required.  I want to thank Shellie, Christie, Anthony, Olga and the entire administrative team for making it possible.  Literally, I just had to show up.

Everyone has been assigned to their responsibilities for this year or semester.  We have new staff and we want to welcome everyone.  I also want to thank all our “old timers” for helping new staff out.  It is heartwarming to see how “old” staff welcomes “new” staff with explanations, examples, stories.  Just wonderful!

We are busting at the seams in our Culver City office and are currently looking at options.  It is a process and I hope it won’t take us too long to resolve the issues.

As some of you know, we founded a “Non-Profit” called CELF and our mission is to obtain funds to be able to provide more therapy, family trainings and opportunities for your personal growth in educational research.  If you have any experience in grant writing, do let me know.IMG_1177

We are doing well, all of our programs are up and running.  We can always use more licensed, experienced, SLPs and OTs, as well as BCBAs.  Please think of us if you have the opportunity.

I want to wish all of you a very healthy and happy New Year or school year.  Please know that it is important to me that you find your work IMG_1176rewarding and that my door is always open with any question(s) or issues you may want to discuss.

These are new pictures of my grandkids, Ellie and Isaac!

Best, Helen

Greetings From Helen

As the academic year begins to close, I am thinking about the events of this year and what I hope to accomplish in the next academic year.

Regardless of the future events, I believe that good leadership in an organization is required. Good leadership is tied into what the mission of a practice is all about. From the onset of the practice, I’ve stated that SLEA is about fostering the quality development of understanding, speaking, reading and writing. To that end, over the years we’ve developed programs focused on Child Development, Speech and Language Development, Educational Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Behavioral Intervention.

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t appreciate the monumental task we’ve ALL undertaken. Beginning with marketing and referrals, followed by scheduling, juggling different programs and schedules, dealing with language and disability differences, different ages of clients, dealing with academic vs. medical entities and needs, report writing for different agencies, and so on. Decisions have to be made quickly. We are always adjusting to different criteria.

Our staff is terrific. When I look around me I am so impressed. Some of you may treat a 90 year old dementia client at 8:00 am, an autistic 3 year old at 9:00, a bilingual evaluation at 10, attend a meeting at 1:00…it just goes on and on. I am so grateful to all of you for all your efforts. The scheduling team who is on constant watch for openings, schedule changes, therapist requests. The billing team who must adjust what they know about the different agencies we work with. The front offices, who deal with our staff, parents, children, co-pays. Our insurance billers who need to remember guidelines for all the different companies we work with. It’s incredible.

I want to thank my administration, my professional staff, our contracts for all your support and efforts. We’ve built a great practice. I am very proud of our accomplishments.

Till next month!


Welcome To SLEA!

We are delighted to welcome our new employees!

Speech Language Pathology-Clinical Fellowship Year

Natalie Spino
Ebony Brown
Yasmin Luque
Nicole Goodrum

Speech Language Pathology Assistant

Michelle Conklin
Jessica Benson
Karine Abrahamyan
Rachel Johnson

Occupational Therapist

Gary Gyulyan

Administrative Assistant Culver City/ Encino Office

Christine Cuenco

Headstart Preschool-Kindergarten Teacher

Rebecca Gonzalez

Our Culver City Office

We wanted to take you on a tour of our west side offices located at 5901 Green Valley Circle, Suite 130, Culver City, CA  90230. This building brings the outdoors inside with a lovely green atrium. From the lobby, a left turn takes you to our suite where the dedicated staff of Speech, Language and Educational Associates provide speech therapy, educational therapy, behavioral therapy, occupational therapy, and other programs found on our website.


Don’t leave without seeing the whimsical mural in our gym room!