Shellie’s Strategies and Support

Developmental Checklist in English and Spanish!  This is a family friendly resource that you can print and share with the families of your clients ages 0 – 5 who have goals in child development, behavior, speech, OT or education!

Behaviorists!  Speech Providers!  OTs!  Click on this link for a great series of lessons on social/pragmatics to help your client take perspective by better reading facial cues!


Shellie’s Strategies and Support

Here are a few great resources for teaching social skills!  The first is an article that discusses the recent popular movie “Inside Out” and how we can help our clients to learn from the mistakes made by Riley’s feelings.  The second resource is a practical guide that reviews lots of strategies and resources for teaching social skills.

The internet has given us the ability to access a flood of valuable resources and therapy activities – all for free! First is a link about early childhood development. The tip sheets are great to give to families and are available in English and in Spanish! On this link you will find downloadable resources and you can even order free materials.

This is a timely post from ASHA about using the Presidential Debates to Teach Social Language Concepts.

Thank you to all of our creative and knowledgeable professionals in the field who have sent me these wonderful therapy tools!


Shellie Bader, COO, will be presenting the following three courses. What a great opportunity to learn about mentoring, supervision and how to use interpreters!

1.        Make a Lasting Impact!  Creating a Positive and Meaningful Relationship with Your Mentee (Advanced Supervision Course) – Thursday, April 28th

2.        Supervision:  What You Need to Know (for Beginning Supervisors) – Friday, April 29th

3.        Help!  How to Use Interpreters for Valid and Compliant Bilingual Evaluations – Friday, April 29th

She is also the Convention Social Committee Co-chair.  SLEA will be encouraging SLPAs to attend the SLPA Luncheon on Saturday, April 30th. We will also be encouraging SLP students attending the convention to attend the Student Luncheon on Friday April 29th.

The CSHA convention is a wonderful way to connect with the Speech Therapy community in California.  The dates are April 28 – May 1, 2016
and the venue is the Anaheim Hilton in Anaheim, CA. with registration opening in mid February.

Shellie’s Strategies and Support

Although this article is written from the perspective of SLPs, the message speaks to the mission of all SLEA therapists!  Please read how you can contribute to parent involvement for your clients! Click on the article below.


Use these handouts to show parents and teachers how pretend play helps young children with social communication disorders to interact with peers and adults!

Pretend Play for Educators

Pretend Play for Parents

Here are some great ideas on how to expand on a great children’s book!  Children learn so much more language when we take a favorite book or activity and give them a variety of ways to have fun learning with it!

Shellie’s Strategies and Support

It’s Holiday Time!  Try these fun Thanksgiving activities to motivate your clients:

Language activity for lower students:

Turkey Guess Who game:

Arts and crafts:

Articulation worksheet:

Thanksgiving Bingo

Thanksgiving Bingo

These are great articles for all year round:

Help your clients learn to use “Whole Body Listening”.  Kids who have trouble listening can learn to use Whole Body Listening as a tool to follow directions and understand new material in the classroom better!

Don’t let the toys do the talking: The case of electronic and traditional shape sorters


Shellie’s Strategies and Support

Sesame Street introduces its first character with Autism!

There was a really interesting piece on the news about a nearly blind photographer that has beautiful photos of his autistic sons.  The photos really capture the emotion and world of autism – here’s the story.

Shellie’s Strategies and Support

This is a great “Back to School” article from The Hanen Center on helping our preschoolers and school age children to develop critical thinking skills, with a focus on the strong link between language and literacy.  It’s accessible for non-members. ZGVyQHNwZWVjaGFzc29jaWF0ZXMuY29t

Mindfulness and Social Thinking – Perfect Companions for improvement in Behavior!  Read this article and learn how this will help your clients.